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Título Oferta:
Student Worker
Sao Paulo SP
Texto Oferta:
*TheRole:* Student Worker Corporate Team *The Location:* Sao Paulo, Brazil *The Team:* Analytical team works with regional basis providing ratings of different companies - industries and especially for Brazil. *The Impact:* This role will provide direct support to the senior analyst in the team and will also provide assistance to the team in a global environment company. *What s in it for you:* * Estagio Assignment (Bolsa-auxilio) * Life Insurance * Meal Voucher * Transportation Voucher *Responsibilities:* * Perform extensive macroeconomics researches, market data, industry-sector and company specific information. * News clipping and issuer s relevant facts and notices to the market research. * Read quarterly results releases and financial statements and alert analyst on relevant issues. * Keep Ratings Document Repository (RDR) updated with last financial information provided by the companies. * Input issuer forecasts into projections models. * Assist analysts in rating committee presentations, research for articles and commentaries. * Attend rating committee as a listener. *What We are Looking For:* * Available to have an estagio for 2 years (to be graduating in December 2022) * Available to work 30 hours per week. * Advanced student of:* Economics, Business Administration, Accounting, Actuary, Physics, Engineering and related careers. * Advanced knowledge of excel is required. * Must have advanced ability to read, speak and write in English language. * Work experience is not required.